Mandatory masks and COVID certificates

The Government of the Republic of Estonia has enacted that:

  • A mask must be worn by all persons 12 years of age and older in all indoor spaces meant for public use, including in rooms where the COVID certificate is checked.
  • Participants must present a COVID certificate proving vaccination or recovery in order to participate in activities taking place in checked public spaces. A COVID certificate is valid with an identification document.

In addition:

  • In case you want to cancel a course registration, please notify Tartu Folk High School as soon as possible. Study fees will not be returned and the issued bill must be paid if no notice of the cancellation is made, if the cancellation is made less than two working days before the course commences or if the training has already begun.
  • Movement is organised in a dispersed manner.
  • Public surfaces are disinfected and rooms aired.
  • Participation is not allowed when you’re sick or when you’re told to stay in self-isolation/quarantine.

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