English A1.2

This course is suitabe for students who have already passed A1 level and know some English. At this course only English is spoken and it is suitable for students with differant mother tongue.

13.10 - 23.02.2023
N 17.00-18.30
Pepleri 4, Tartu
34 akad t
272 €
Yanni Hrysicos

The course develops speaking, reading, listening and writing skills. Active learning methods are used, which require the active participation of the student in the learning process. Pair and group work, role-plays and dialogues will help to develop fluency in spoken language to cope with everyday situations. Modern teaching material offers interesting topics to cover.

Learning material

"New Headway Elementary. 4th Edition."

Content of studies

Unit 1 You and me.

Greetings. Personal information. First meeting. Introducing yourself.

Unit 2 A good Job!

Where are you from? Countries and nations.

Unit 3 Work hard, play hard!

My job. Personal information. Social expressions.

Unit 4 Somewhere to live.

Family and friends. Speaking on the phone.

Independent work helps to revise and consolidate what has been learned in class - to learn vocabulary, read texts or do grammar exercises.


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