Inglise keele vestluskursus: B1-B2 conversation course with ‘Xenophobe’s Guide to the Estonians’

Small group of 3-5 students. Target group: B1 learners, who aim to improve their speaking fluency and would like to move towards B2 in terms of vocabulary. Placement score ≥ 25. Total of 20 Classes: 16 in Classroom + 4 of e-learning + 5 independently

06.10 - 08.12.2020
T 15.00-16.30
Pepleri 4, Tartu
20 akad t
180 €
Terje Keldoja

Xenophobe’s® Guide series: ‘Be entertained by the differences between nations. The Xenophobe’s® Guides is an internationally successful series that highlights the unique character and behaviour of nations. Frank, irreverent and funny – almost guaranteed to cure xenophobia.’

The course is built around ‘Xenophobe’s Guide to the Estonians’ (2018):
‘It would be easier to get a computer to cry than to get Estonians to share their innermost feelings’ (

Course Compendium:

  1. ‘Xenophobe’s Guide to the Estonians’ (an A5 booklet)
  2. Teacher-generated: (1) handouts, incl ‘4 Tools for fluency’, (2) e-compendium, incl 8 conversation blogs, 12 Quizlet sets & 3 Kahoot Challenges

Course Contents:

  1. Speaking on 6 selected topics from ‘Xenophobe’s Guide to the Estonians’ (beliefs & values, leisure & pleasure, obsessions, sense of humour, eating & drinking, home & family)
  2. Sharing relevant personal experience by relating to topics 1-6
  3. Practicing Tool 1-4 for Fluency, incl the RASA skills by Julian Treasure
  4. E-learning: Practicing new vocabulary by enjoying access to (1) 12 vocabulary sets & Tasks on Quizlet app, (2) follow-up blogs of all classroom conversations, (3) 3 Challenges on Kahoot app


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