Painting school mini group in Russian and English: part I Uus!

22.02 - 16.05.2020
L kell 14.00-17.00 (22.02; 7.3; 21.3; 4.4; 18.4; 2.5; 16.5)
Vaksali 7, Tartu
28 akad t
140 €
Maire Aarsalu

Training in Russian and English

We welcome all art lovers who wish to try different techniques (gouache, oil, pastel, graphite pencil, charcoal, etc) over an extended period.

The full amount of study in a semester is 28 academic hours.

The classes take place 7 times, each class is 4 hours in duration.

Painting school topics

  • gouache painting
  • pastel painting
  • acrylic painting
  • oil painting
  • drawing (graphite, charcoal etc)

1st semester topics

  • drawing – light and shadow (4 acad hrs) part I
  • colour theory – mixing colours, cold and warm tones (4 acad hrs) part I
  • simple still life (8 acad hrs) part I
  • task on composition (4 acad hrs) part II
  • flower painting (8 acad hrs) part II

The school will provide the materials for the first lesson (paints, brushes, pencils etc.). From the second lesson onwards we kindly ask that you bring your own materials. Proper materials will be recommended during the first lesson. We paint on canvas or special cardboard. The finished cardboards can be bought our school (2 euros). If you prefer to paint on canvas, we will instruct you on which canvas to buy.


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