Inglise keele madalam kesktase A2: UUS madalam kesktase A2

Inglise keele vestluskursus madalamale kesktasemele A2. Kursus sobib neile, kes on juba jõudnud madalamale kesktasemele ja soovivad nüüd arendada eelkõige rääkimisoskust.

14.01 - 15.04.2019
EK 17.15-18.45
Pepleri 4, Tartu
54 akad t
232 €
Meeli Tonka


"Clockwise. Pre-Intermediate. "

Õppe sisu

Lesson 1 – Being me.Talking about yourself. Getting to know each other. Asking questions and finding out personal information Question forms and short answers.

Lesson 2 – Social Life.Free time activities. Making social arrangements. Accepting and refusing invitations and suggestions.

Lesson 3 – Meet the family.Family members. Family tree. Describing people – appearance and personality. Compound adjectives.

Lesson 4 – Nearest & dearest.Relationships vocabulary. Different relationships. Listening for specific information.

Lesson 5 – Being a travellerTalking about travel experiences. Holiday dialogues. Past Simple and continuous; regular and irregular verbs. Top 20 verbs in spoken English.

Lesson 6 – On the road.Transport vocabulary. Asking for travel information. Making hotel bookings.

Lesson 7 – Enjoy your trip!Choosing a holiday. Planning what to take on holiday. Multi-word verbs.

Lesson 8 – Traveller`s tales.Travel advice. Holiday problems.

Lesson 9 – Being in touch.Giving news. Present perfect and Past Simple; been/gone.

Lesson 10 – It`s for you.Formal and informal phone conversations. Tones and recorded messages. Asking for clarification.


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