Tartu Folk High School aims to implement the idea of lifelong learning and welcomes adults of all ages. Our school is open to all who wish to develop their talents, refresh their knowledge, or learn something new in order to cope with life. We offer various possibilities for self-improvement that are connected with work or leisure time. In addition to training, we organise cultural events, exhibitions, and concerts. We also host summer schools in beautiful places in the Estonian countryside.

TFHS was established in 1987. During the first 14 years, it was known as Tartu Cultural University. In 2001 the Tartu Cultural University Association, Turku Adult Training Foundation, and Tartu City Government created the independent foundation, Tartu Folk High School.

Today TFHS is the biggest training centre in South Estonia. TFHS has been continuously developing a modern, professional adult training centre that provides high-quality continuing education to meet adult educational, cultural, social, and economic needs.

TFHS is a founder of the Folk High Schools Union, which is a member of the Estonian Non-Formal Adult Educational Association.

TFHS has participated in different local and international programmes (The European Social Fund, EU Lifelong Learning Programme, Central Baltic Interreg IV A Programme, etc.). Projects. More information about international co-operation, please contact Ena Drenkhan: ena@rahvaylikool.ee

Training courses

Instruction includes longer courses, one-day courses, or shorter lectures, which are taught either during the day or evening. Each year Tartu Folk High School teaches approximately 6000 students and 500 study groups.

Different fields in TFHS

  • Language (17 different languages)
  • Arts
  • Flower arrangement and gardening

  • Textile arts and handicraft

  • Culture and music

  • Health and beauty

  • Psychology and self-development

Professional Training

  • Project management

  • Secretary training

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Computer classes

  • Client servicer training

  • Adult trainer training

  • Babysitter training

  • Floristry

  • Tailoring

  • Motivation and career training for job seekers and school dropouts

Courses for English speakers

About learning languages please contact Mairi Meizner mairi@rahvaylikool.ee


In many arts, handicraft, flower arrangement and other courses, where focus is on practical activities, some translation to English will make it possible to participate even without knowing the Estonian language.

To register for our courses please contact Kristiina 7361537 or kristiina@rahvaylikool.ee

About learning musical instruments (accordion, guitar, piano or flute) please contact Anneli anneli@rahvaylikool.ee
or call 7361540



Pepleri 4, Tartu 51003
Tel/fax: +372 736 1540
GSM: +372 523 3116

TFHS Arts Centre

Vaksali 7, Tartu 50410
Tel/fax: +372 736 1548
GSM: +372 5330 5205



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Jutuvõistlus Minu rahvaülikool

Tartu Rahvaülikool saab sügisel 30 aastaseks. Meid ei oleks, kui poleks teid, head õppijad! Sünnipäeva puhul kuulutame välja jutuvõistluse „Minu rahvaülikool“. 10 parimat juttu saavad auhinnaks rahvaülikooli hinnalised 50-eurosed kinkekaardid!


Meie kinkekaart on hea kingitus!

Meie kontoritest Pepleri 4 ja Vaksali 7 saab soetada kinkekaarte Teile sobivas vääringus või vormistatuna kingisaajale personaalselt (ühele või mitmele kursusele). Ka E-kinkekaardi väljastamise võimalus! Täpsem info telefonil 7361540 või 7361537.

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