Inglise keel: vestluskursus

Inglise keele kesktase B1 (Intermediate B1). Rühmas 3-5 inimest.

Grupp Toimub M* Juhendaja(d) Hind
 Vestluskursus elementaartasemele
T 9.00-10.30
Pepleri 4
28 Mairi Meizner 135 €
 Vestluskursus madalamale kesktasemele
T 17.00-18.30
Pepleri 4
30 Mariina Viia 135 €

* Kursuse maht akadeemilistes tundides

Inglise keel: vestluskursus: vestluskursus elementaartasemele

Inglise keele vestluskursus elementaartasemele A1>A2.

Inglise keel: vestluskursus: vestluskursus madalamale kesktasemele

Inglise keele vestluskursus madalamale kesktasemele A2. Kursus sobib neile, kes on juba jõudnud madalamale kesktasemele ja soovivad nüüd arendada eelkõige rääkimisoskust.

Kursusetasule käibemaksu ei lisandu. Jätkajatele soodushind.


"Clockwise. Intermediate. "

Õppe sisu

Lesson 16 – Shop till you drop Are you a shopaholic? Shopping habits. Shopping and opening hours. Likes and dislikes.

Lesson 17 – Being a foreigner Describing countries. Comparatives and superlatives. Comparing countries.

Lesson 18 – When in Rome Customs in different countries. Polite language. Politeness and customs.

Lesson 19 – Let`s celebrate Saying dates. Celebrations. Words that go together.

Lesson 20 – Living abroad Views of living abroad. What to take when you go to live abroad. Giving opinions about different countries.

Lesson 21 – Being fashionable Talking about magazines. Obligation. Pronunciation of have.

Lesson 22 – Just looking Shopping vocabulary. Shopping language. Buying clothes.

Lesson 23 – Nothing to wear Clothes and accessories. Go with, suit, fit, look. Words that go together.

Lesson 24 – My generation The last 40 years. Talking about old photos. Important current events.